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Bonus stars as seen in SMW.
Bonus Stars are a way to help the player along in the game.


Collecting Bonus Stars

Mario collecting Bonus Stars in game.

Bonus Stars are collected when Mario cuts the Goal Tape. It does not matter whether it is the Normal Exit or the Secret Exit tape. Bonus Stars are recorded in the status bar to the left of the Item Box. The player can recieve no more then 50 Bonus Stars at one time. The player can earn a minimum of 1 Bonus Star if he cuts the Goal Tape. If Mario missed hitting the Goal Tape then he earns 0 bonus stars. The amount of Bonus Stars the player recieves depends on the Goal Tape's height when it is cut.


When ever Mario collects 100 Bonus Stars he will be brought to the Bonus Game Room. If the player collects more then 100 Bonus Stars, then they will carry over and go towards another set of 100 Bonus Stars.


There is no limit to the amount of Bonus Games the player can reach and already beaten stages will still give the player Bonus Stars when the Goal Tape is cut. Bonus Stars will also reset when the game is restarted, even when the game is saved. The Bonus Star counter can also be moved using Smallhacker's SMW Status Bar Editor.

RAM/ROM Addresses

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