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Bonni's Quest



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Bonni's Quest


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Bonni's Quest is a Super Mario World hack under production by Ladida. It started out as a side project, since Ladida was working on The Mario and Yoshi Adventure. However, Ladida then saw potential in the hack and decided to focus all attention upon it. The hack itself is meant to showcase both Ladida's skills in the hacking arena as well as Ladida's interests. Thus, the hack grew popular, mainly due to the custom graphics, ASM, and story (SMWCentral has a soft spot for hacks without Mario as the main character).


Once upon a time, on an island by the rising sun, a girl named Bonni was walking back to her temple home. She saw a large castle off in the distance, and wondered why it was there. So she packed her things and went off to investigate. That started a journey that would soon be told by generations ahead...

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