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Sprite number(s)

0D (Normal Bob-omb)


Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX02 (SP4)



“These explode and scatter stars after a set time. Some of the Bob-ombs use parachutes to drop from the sky. These little guys are a real blast.”
-from the Super Mario World instruction manual

A Bob-omb is a common enemy in Mario games. In the more recent Mario games, it is a blue bomb with yellow feet and a yellow wind-up key. When Mario jumps on it or burns it with a Fire Flower, it starts flashing and explodes (the explosion can kill other enemies). In addition, Mario can pick up a jumped-on Bob-omb and do what he likes with it until it blows up.

In Super Mario World, the Bob-omb is black, with white feet and no windup key. However, it still follows the same "attack" pattern if you will: walking until it blows up. They are not affected by fireballs, but will stop if jumped on or hit with Mario's cape attack when he has a feather. It can also be eaten and stomped on by Yoshi. When Mario is holding one, he can kick the Bob-omb to reset it's explosion timer. The explosion can still hurt Mario's foes, and can be spin jumped off of as well. Performing a Spin Jump on the actual Bob-omb will destroy it. You often also find Bob-ombs in bubbles, or falling from the sky.

There is a glitch where if you take a Bob-omb through a pipe into an area with a different sprite index setting, Koopas without shells will jump into the Bob-omb, then disappear. The Bob-omb will also be defused, so it will never explode. Phew, now you won't get blown-up!

Hacking Information

A Bob-omb is sprite 0D, Para-Bombs are 40, and para-bomb generators are CD. All three require SP4=2 for the gfx to work properly. Assorted things in bubbles, (X pos) is 9D, and the generator is sprite D4.

Related ROM Addresses

  * x09DAC | Standard Sprite Tile Table: Para-bomb tilemap
  * x0A9DB | Sprite spawned from Para-Bomb

Related RAM Addresses

  * $02808E (1028E) is Bob-omb explosion area
  * $028114 (10314) is Bob-omb's explosion GFX tile
  * If $02811E (1031E) is changed from 38 to 18 (i.e. change SEC to CLC), the Bob-omb explosion will use the first graphics page.
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