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Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX06 (SP4)



Blurps are a sort of green Cheep Cheep that wear diver's goggles. Their concept art shows them with the same number of fins as a normal Cheep Cheep, but their sprites omit their pectoral fins. They swim straight forward in a lazy waving motion. Often, groups of five Blurps can be seen swimming in an arrow point formation.

Underwater, Blurp cannot be stomped and is deadly to touch. (If it's floating in the sky, Mario can spin jump on it) It is vulnerable to fireballs, cape swipes, thrown objects, and stars, and Yoshi can eat it.

Hacking information

Blurp is sprite C2. It uses the green palette D. It needs the underwater sprite set (SP4=GFX06) in order to show up correctly.

Unlike most other fish in Super Mario World, Blurps don't need sprite buoyancy turned on to be able to swim. Because of this, they can be placed in the sky, where they will act like slower Eerie.

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