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Knows of

Graphics, simple asm

Join date

2010-09-16 06:58:04 AM


May 5, 1998

Known For

Making the vanilla age, a smw collab.[1]

Blue_raven's SMWC life

Blue_raven joined SMWC 2010-09-16, sometime AFTER the great wipe. He is a regular contributor to the forums, and started a collab. hack in the Works in progress. It so far only has three levels finished and no OWs done. Most of the time, he passes his time in the WIP forum, looking at other peoples hacks.

Blue_raven's hacks

Blue_raven has submitted two hacks, both of which got removed for various bugs, glitches, and, in one instace, a kaizo trap. He has made a kaizo hack, called mini kaizo, of which the first demo(very breakable demo) has been released. Currently, he is working on The vanilla age, a smw vanilla collab. He has finished his winter contest entry, which is his first entry for contests. One of the hacks Blue_raven submitted was koopa's adventure, of which the player plays as a koopa. It was his first chocolate hack.

Blue_raven's LM and YY-CHR stuff

Blue_raven likes messing around with palettes, and making graphics. He has some GFX in the graphics section[2], recently accepted. They use the original SMW palette. Here are some things he knows how to do: Insert sprites, insert music, insert blocks, insert graphics, code in basic ASM.

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