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Also known as

Probably Blooper



Knows of

Music Porting and using Lunar Magic

Join date

13 February 2011


23 October 1998

Known For

Being a total failure twice at SMWCP2, being on the first place of a Forum Game.

Bloop is a regular user on SMWCentral.

Background Information

Bloop joined about a year ago, and learned a lot since then. He's specialized in music, though he never finished a music port. The guy likes to look at SMWCP2, however he failed twice to make a level of it. Nobody knows why he dropped the level the second time. Well... you can't find the answer here.

Bloop hasn't done that much on SMWCentral. The thing (read: thing) that he submitted on the site is a Dutch tutorial about how to use BTSD. He failed completing ANYTHING related to SMW Hacking. He got some little things to be happy about:

  • 1 vote in the Mosts 2011 for the following categories:
    • Most fun to talk to
    • Probably don't know what SMWCP2 is upon release
    • Best Newcomer
  • 10th place out of more than 80 of the 24hosmw contest.
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