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Also known as

BTB, Zak, Some guy(NOT to be confused with the actual user...), BloodyManger, BloodyEasterEgg, BeeTeaBee


Aprox. 1 dog year (

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The english Language

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2009-01-19 07:59:51 AM


May 19th

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Being to lazy to learn things that should be learned to better my hack...



BTB came to smwc very, very early in the new year of 2009. Even though he doesnt remember what his first post was, unlike most people it wasnt a question.

Early Hacking Life

BTB's reason for being here was because in the summer before he joined SMWC a friend sent him a video of some guy LPing a Super Metroid hack. It was proton jon. Even though he preferred his older NG videos to the SMW hacks he was very interested in, not making them, but playing them. Also unlike most users on SMWC, he did not go to FuSoYa's site for lunar magic or to find SMWC. While hearing about SMWC from a Pjon vid, he went there and downloaded the things needed to play the game. ( Do I even have to say it? ) He got the clean rom from a package of Lunar magic, LIPS, and the clean rom. It was not until about a week later that he decided to try out lunar magic. He thought it would be hard but after figuring out that the hardest part was remembering where everything was ( and maybe secondary exits ), a new world opened.

Early Hacks

His first hack was called Clappers invade, and he is to embarrassed to talk about that. It was finished though, just...not very well. It used the original over world and the last level was the second castle.

The next hack was what he was working on with Clappers invade, an easier hack called Saving Luigi. He got SMWC user KBTroopa as well as SMWC user and Youtube LPer TimothyBor to LP the hack. The hack ended after his next hack started...

Which was The Giant Omlette, It was a collab hack between Timothy Bor And BTB. It was when BTB really started to show off his Level design skills. One level was compared to a RTTC level ( but BTB denies that it was that good ) and someone on youtube thought his desert level was a sm2 remake! But the hack is pretty much dead due to laziness and bad communication skills :X

BTB's current project is Saving Luigi Take II! Which is a remake featuring new levels and less suck! Much less!. The first demo was supposed to be out for fall C3 but due to computer issues it has held off. BTB's plans now is to create a half way demo at the nearest c3. The over world is being done by Bond84 from SMWC.

Current Hack

Due to much suckage of BTB's computer, every level he made over the summer was never tested on an emulator, which lead to him getting lazier and lazier, eventually he did not even map out where pipes went, connect exits, or anything that was not the base of the level. Once his computer was drained of suckage he was a little overwhelmed at everything he had to change, tweak, and just plain finish with what he had done. So even though he does not feel good about admitting it, he has canceled Saving Luigi Take II for a new hack that is currently un named, and has no story.

The hack will use some of SA II's best/completed levels somewhere throughout the hack. And surprisingly it will includes ExGFX that replaces the old GFX as well as some backgrounds. And to think that two months ago, he strongly disliked non vanilla hacks...

Believe it or not, this will not be canceled, he feels very strong about actually finishing his work ( Or at least getting a demo out. ) and it only happened before because of the extreme circumstance.

Progress on Current Hack

-Still no story -World one complete -Hack will be officially announced with his 1000th post. -First demo will include worlds one and two.

More to come later...

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