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BlockTool (Custom block inserter)

Use(s): Inserting custom blocks
Developer(s): jonwil
Platform(s): Win32 (executable runs in wine)
Latest Version: 2.0
License: GNU GPL v2
Home Page: None
Download(s): Unavailable

Blocktool is a tool that is commonly used by SMW hackers in order to insert custom blocks into their respective hacks. The tool was created by Jonwil, and comes with 350 custom blocks already inserted into the program itself, ready to be moved onto a SMW ROM. Blocktool does only support blocks in .bin format, as opposed to an alternate custom block inserter, created by smkdan, named Blocktool Super Deluxe, which supports both .bin files and .asm files for the custom blocks.

Inserting custom blocks into your ROM

The inserting process is not much difficulty, and thus can easily be mastered up. Before going straight ahead to the actual process, it is important to know the programs that are required for it; they are the following:

  • Blocktool itself
  • Your OS's included calculator, in order to convert hexadecimal values into decimal
  • Lunar Magic, for obvious reasons.

That being said, open up your ROM in Lunar Magic, and decide which Map16 spot you would like to insert your custom block into - it is recommended that you select any Map16 tile in the very last page (Map16 page 0F), as opposed to picking spots in any of the other Map16 pages. If you are using Blocktool Super Deluxe for custom block insertion, however, you may freely choose whatever spot please you.

Once you have decided which spot you would like to use to insert your custom block into, open up the Windows Calculator and switch to scientific mode. Then, switch the numerical system to hexadecimal (hex), and paste the value of the Map16 spot you picked into the box. Once you are done, switch the numerical system back to decimal. Assuming that you picked the Map16 tile $F00, for instance, after all the calculator process, you should get the decimal value 3840.

Now, open Blocktool (though it is REALLY IMPORTANT to make a backup of your hack before doing so), and load your ROM into it. To add a custom block into it, simply press the "add block" button, located upwards - this shall make a new window appear. Now, select one out of the 350 blocks listed up in the window to insert into your ROM - for this example, we will be using the "Teleport Block", which is block number 101. This block basically makes Mario teleport to another level once it is hit by the player. Once the block is selected, enter the Map16 page value (in decimal) of the spot you plan to use for this block - in our case, such value is 3840. We then hit the "Add" button, and eventually save the changes.

Now, open up your hack in Lunar Magic again, and go to the Map16 page where you inserted your custom block (in our case, that would be page 0F). Since the Teleport Block is supposed to act like tile 25 to work properly, we shall edit its attributes and make it act like such tile. Once we are done, we obviously would go straight and press F9 to save the changes in the Map16 data.

Finally, test the block in-game and see if it works properly. If so, congratulations - you have successfully inserted a custom block into your ROM for the first time!

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