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Also known as

Shane Fillion


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Known For

Amazing ASM skills

Bio is awesome. He also is a member of SMW Central with the user ID 168. He registered at the forums at approximately 04:25:57 PM, July 30th, 2006. At one point, he changed his username to Necro on SMW Central.


Notable Work

Bio World

A SMB3 hack with a massively changed gameplay, only a 2 world demo has been released so far

Bio World 2

A SMW hack with four playable character, it's unreleased but there's screenshots and a video of the characters in action


An assembler for the SuperFX chip's ASM, it was supposed to be only used for personal use du to it being very buggy

HDMA engine

A sprite based alternative to d4s' and BMF's HDMA engine, is currently in progress

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