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Big Boo Boss
[[Big boo boss.png|250px]]

Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX11 (SP4)



The Big Boo Boss is a secret one kind Boo that is identic to Big Boo that only appears in a secret P-switch room above the second room in the level Donut Secret House, in which Mario or Luigi must use three throw blocks to defeat it. As soon as one of the throw block hits it, the Big Boo disappears moves to another part of the room, and reappears. When you beat him, you typically complete the normal exit of the level, but in the original game, killing it activated the secret exit. The Big Boo Boss, as any other Boo, is immaterial, and as such, can go through walls and floors. Unlike Big Boo and little brother, Big Boo Boss cannot harm the player.

Hacking Information

Many hackers edit the boss to make it have more or less hits, or they may also edit the room to have enemies for a difficulty increase. As soon as the ghost is defeated, the enemies turn into smoke and have no effect on you(kill you, turn into item etc.).

Note that as he's a big sprite, he needs more sprite memory. Keep this in mind to evade sprite memory issues.

It's sprite C5, and it requires SP4 to be set to GFX11 and the sprite memory to be set to 9. Beginning with version 1.64 of Lunar Magic, you can change which level it activates the secret exit on via the Overworld Editor. Just go to Overworld > Change Boss Sequence Levels.

It should be noted that while a normal Big Boo is immune to keys, the Big Boo Boss is not. It will shatter on contact with the boss, however. He is still, however, immune to the spring.

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