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Big Boo
[[Big Boo.png|250px]]

Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX11 (SP4)



The Big Boo is a giant ghost enemy from Super Mario World and is very similar to the Boo, only four times larger. Big Boos chase Mario when he is facing away, but it does not move when Mario is facing it. Big Boos, like normal Boos, hide their faces in shyness when faced, and will not die if they are spinjumped on. They will only die if either an object hits them (excluding springboards and keys), or if Mario kills it with a Star or by sliding. Capes and fireballs have no effect.

A Big Boo may also appear as a Big Boo Boss, which takes three hits to kill. When defeated, an exit will be triggered. Normally, a Big Boss Boo will activate the normal exit of a level, but there is one specific level on the Overworld in which the boss activates the secret exit. This is set to level 13 at default, but this value can be changed via Lunar Magic.

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