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The obvious example of an unused level is the "beta tester level" which is just a level with a no-yoshi intro (similar to the ghost house and castle/fortress entrances) and a garbled background with just the word TEST spelled out in rotating blocks and a gap at the end for Mario to fall to his doom at. Out of the 512 levels that make up Super Mario World, 264 of those are the "beta tester levels".

List of unused levels

Name Level Address Level Number Description
Test Level 30200 Various Placeholder of empty level number.
Duplicated level 15
313E5 16 Copy of level 15.
Duplicated level 15 with weird background
313E5 17 Copy of level 15, with weird backgrounds.
Level 108
382C3 108 A testing level for vertical level compatible slopes.
Ride Among the Clouds 30263 N/A
Mushroom Scales 302BD N/A
Boss Test 30338 N/A
Lava Cave 30464(Layer 2)
304EB(Layer 1)
Twin Blocks 3059C N/A
Beta level 01A 305AB(Layer1)
Pipe 'n' Ground 3073D N/A
Unused Ghost House Exit 30875 N/A
Blank (header only) 38218 N/A
Unused Ghost House Exit 2 38260 N/A
3 bushes, no ground 38281 N/A
Castle and exit enabled pipe 30584 N/A
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