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A picture of beta Dinosaur Land.
Unused sprites from Super Mario World.

Dinosaur Land was drastically different, possessing an appearance similar to the various kingdoms of Super Mario Bros. 3. Specifically, it was to feature things such as Toad Houses (which could possibly mean that Toads were once considered to populate Dinosaur Land) and more Super Mario Bros. 3-style Fortresses.

SNES test cartridges also exist and, among other things (some of which are Mario-related), they include an early build of Super Mario World. These cartridges reveal that, at one point, Goombas were to be able to be stomped (even earlier test cartridges show that Goombas also once possessed their normal, mushroom-like appearance rather than the Goom-like Goombas seen in the final game and later builds), Koopa Troopas were to walk on all fours, and normal Piranha Plants and even Venus Fire Traps were to have been present. These elements were used in the Super Mario World cartoon. Interestingly, several of these cartridges' beta sprites were merely simple Super Mario Bros. 3 edits. Lastly, the Super Leaf and Raccoon Mario form were both present in early builds.

There is an unused Switch Palace to the left of Valley of Bowser 3. Since it leads to an "empty" level, it is probable that it was scrapped early in development. Beating the Secret Exit of Valley of Bowser 3 would cause Mario to walk to this switch palace, except that Valley of Bowser 3 has no secret exit, and there is no path for Mario to walk on. This makes path in wrong place reveal (normal exit of Valley of Bowser 4) which would be unwalkable AND even if you would beat that exit you would still cannot go that way (because game thinks that normal exit is beaten, BUT it allowed wrong direction, left). After beating secret exit of Valley of Bowser 3 wouldn't move. If you beat secret exit of Valley of Bowser 3 after normal exit of Valley of Bowser 4 nothing would change.

There was, at one point, a small cloud of dust kicked up when Mario got on Yoshi. This can be seen through a simple hack.

that the HUD wasn't even changed, unlike the final version.

Unused Map Screen Sprites

  • A lakitu which circles around Mario's head on the overworld map.
  • A Blue Jay, which flies around Mario's head like the Lakitu, but will follow him to the submaps.
  • An animated Piranha Plant.
  • A Koopaling that doesn't look quite like any of the real koopalings. It can force Mario to enter a level, like the Hand Traps of Super Mario Bros. 3. It ambushes Mario on the overworld. Because it was not finished, it corrupts Mario's position on the overworld map, and thus makes the game unplayable.
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