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Super Mario World Level
Base Page: Level
[[[file:screenshot of level]]
Secret Exit? Secret Exit, Yes/No
Level(s) # Primary level number, Secondary level numbers
Notes Misc. notes go here.
Link to level accessed by going up
Link to level accessed by going left
Base Page: Level
Link to level accessed by going right
Link to level accessed by going down
List of Levels

Short synopsis of the level. One to two lines is good.



A fair sized overview of the level, noting points of interest and/or significance. However, we do not need a full blown walkthrough. This isn't GameFAQs, after all. About 3-8 lines of text is good.

Hacking Information

Any information found in Lunar Magic relating to this level, preferably in bullets.

Entrances and Exits

Any information reguarding entrances, midway entrances, secondary entrances, and screen exits.

Message Boxes

Message #1

Insert message #1 here.

Message #2

Insert message #2 here.


Put information of particular interest, such as glitches or other oddities, here.

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