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A lazy Baby Blue Yoshi.

Baby Yoshi can be found in red, blue, and yellow Yoshi Eggs in the Star World levels. If Baby Yoshi eats five enemies, it will grow into an adult Yoshi of that color. Feed it a powerup such as a Star or Mushroom and it will grow instantly. It can also be found normal green, but when encountered it is already hatched. Baby Yoshi acts like a carryable object, you can throw him upwards, grab him, and kick him. In the end of Super Mario World, all of the golden Yoshi Eggs you collected from the Koopalings hatch at Yoshi's House. Sometimes, especially in Star World 3, Baby Yoshi will eat by itself and grow into a Yoshi without work from Mario. Like it's parent, Baby Yoshis wear red boots. When you open a ? Block with a Yoshi inside, you can see the Yoshi hatches and grows immediately, because Bowser trapped him in an egg.

Hacking Information

  • Baby Green Yoshi (Sprite 2D)
    • Do not put near adult Yoshi or you will encounter glitched graphics
    • Do not put near Podoboo or you will encounter glitched graphics
  • Yoshi Egg (Sprite 2C)
    • Red/Blue/Yellow (X&3)
    • Hatches into different color (Sprite palette 02, 03, or 04) Baby Green Yoshi (Sprite 2D)
    • SP3: 13
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