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An SMWCentral Production
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An SMWCentral Production is a collaboration hack by the entire SMWCentral community. It was released on December 31 2010. It is the SMWC's biggest collab hack. The dedicated Forum currently has the id 87.



The hack started as a collab hack thread by Buu. The thread got a lot of responses, and after a while, the forum was created, but it was a secret (only FirePhoenix, Hach and some other members knew of it). The hack thread eventually got closed (by Electron's request, although he paid the price), because it wasn't necessary anyway. An IRC channel (#smwcp) was created to discuss about the hack. FirePhoenix got the leadership and started a level. Then, the forum died. pikaguy900 got the leadership and started level signups. The forum got a high activity, and people were claiming levels. When the levels were full, then the forum started to die. After a while, it was completely dead.

The forum remained dead until S.N.N. got interested in the hack, and got the leadership. S.N.N. composed tracks for the submaps, and started a level progress thread. The levels that were never completed were finally released, and the level claims got full again. He also released some final level sublevels.


It's Peach's birthday, and Mario has to make a cake for her! But he's missing one important ingredient. Eggs! Coincidentally, Bowser had just issued a public dare for the Mario Bros. to take on his improved forces and take home eight "legendary" eggs. Luigi, of course, is suspicious of this announcement, but Mario is more concerned about how supposedly better the eggs Bowser is offering are. Help Mario find eggs for Princess Peach's cake!


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Official Hack Forum

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