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Also known as



Knows of

ASM knowledge, how to make hacks without LM

Join date

March 20th, 2008


November 17

Known For

Moderator at SMWC, ASM knowledge

Alcaro: im a grass
Roy: no ur a shame
Roy: in

Alcaro is a Staff Member at SMW Central, where he has been since since 2008-03-20. He is from Sweden. Alcaro is one of the more known users and spends much time on the IRC, where he's occasionally accused of having any random recently mentioned word on highlight, since he often appears quickly whenever someone says something interesting.

Alcaro is mostly known for his coding abilities. While he knows a lot about ASM, he prefers programing in C++ and making tools. Some of the tools he's created include Asar, an ASM patcher meant to replace xkas and LMSW, a built in emulator for Lunar Magic and many more.

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