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Here is a list of common acronyms used in SNES terminology and SMW hacking. This includes opcodes and what not.

   ROM		;Read Only Memory
   RAM		;Random Access Memory
   WRAM		;Work RAM (AKA normal RAM)
   VRAM		;Video RAM
   ARAM		;Audio RAM
   SRAM		;Static RAM
   CGRAM	;Color Generator RAM
   OAM		;Object Attribute Memory
   SPC		;Sound Processing Chip
   DSP		;Digital Signal Processor
   PPU		;Picture Processing Unit
   CPU		;Central Processing Unit
   CGADSUB	;Color Generator Addition/Subtraction
   DMA		;Direct Memory Access
   H-DMA	;Horizontal Direct Memory Access
   IRQ		;Interrupt Request
   NMI		;Non-Maskable Interrupt
   H-Blank	;Horizontal Blank
   V-Blank	;Vertical Blank
   F-Blank	;Force Blank
   OBJ		;Object (also known as "Sprite")
   BG		;Background (also known as "Layer")
   BRR		;Bit Rate Reduction
   LM		;Lunar Magic
   OW		;Overworld
   GFX		;Graphics
   SFX		;Sound effect (not SuperFX)
   ST		;Sprite tool
   BT		;Blocktool
   BTSD	;Blocktool Super Deluxe


   ADC		;Add with Carry
   AND		;AND Accumulator
   ASL		;Accumulator Shift Left
   BCC		;Branch if Carry Clear
   BCS		;Branch if Carry Set
   BEQ		;Branch if Equal
   BIT		;Bit Test
   BMI		;Branch if Minus
   BNE		;Branch if Not Equal
   BPL		;Branch if Plus
   BRA		;Branch Always
   BRK		;Software Break
   BRL		;Branch Always Long
   BVC		;Branch if Overflow Clear
   BVS		;Branch if Overflow Set
   CLC		;Clear Carry flag
   CLD		;Clear Decimal flag
   CLI		;Clear Interrupt flag
   CLV		;Clear Overflow flag
   CMP		;Compare Accumulator
   COP		;Coprocesssor Empowerment
   CPX		;Compare X
   CPY		;Compare Y
   DEC		;Decrease Accumulator
   DEX		;Decrease X
   DEY		;Decrease Y
   EOR		;Exclusive OR Accumulator
   INC		;Increase Accumulator
   INX		;Increase X
   INY		;Increase Y
   JML		;Jump Long
   JMP		;Jump
   JSL		;Jump to Subroutine Long
   JSR		;Jump to Subroutine
   LDA		;Load Accumulator
   LDX		;Load X
   LDY		;Load Y
   LSR		;Logical Shift Right
   MVN		;Move Negative
   MVP		;Move Positive
   NOP		;No Operation
   ORA		;OR Accumulator
   PEA		;Push Effective Address
   PEI		;Push Effective Indirect address
   PER		;Push program counter Relative
   PHA		;Push Accumulator
   PHB		;Push Bank
   PHD		;Push Direct page
   PHK		;Push program bank
   PHP		;Push Processor status flags
   PHX		;Push X
   PHY		;Push Y
   PLA		;Pull Accumulator
   PLB		;Pull Bank
   PLD		;Pull Direct page
   PLP		;Pull Processor status flags
   PLX		;Pull X
   PLY		;Pull Y
   REP		;Reset Processor status
   ROL		;Rotate Left
   ROR		;Rotate Right
   RTI		;Return from Interrupt
   RTL		;Return from subroutine Long
   RTS		;Return from Subroutine
   SBC		;Subtract with Carry
   SEC		;Set Carry flag
   SED		;Set Decimal flag
   SEI		;Set Interrupt flag
   SEP		;Set Processor status
   STA		;Store Accumulator
   STP		;Stop the clock
   STX		;Store X
   STY		;Store Y
   STZ		;Store Zero
   TAX		;Transfer Accumulator to X
   TAY		;Transfer Accumulator to Y
   TCD		;Transfer Accumulator to Direct page
   TCS		;Transfer Accumulator to Stack pointer
   TDC		;Transfer Direct page to Accumulator
   TRB		;Test and Reset Bit
   TSB		;Test and Set Bit
   TSC		;Transfer Stack pointer to Accumulator
   TSX		;Transfer Stack pointer to X
   TXA		;Transfer X to Accumulator
   TXS		;Transfer X to Stack pointer
   TXY		;Transfer X to Y
   TYA		;Transfer Y to Accumulator
   TYX		;Transfer Y to X
   WAI		;Wait for Interrupt
   WDM		;William David Mensch
   XBA		;Exchange B and A
   XCE		;Exchange Carry and Emulation bit
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