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A Super Mario Thing

Demo, faces down a Yaranaika Banzai Bill. The "Demos" portion of the status bar shows how many times she's died.|250px]]


Raocow's Talkhaus

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No known SMWC thread, but there IS a whole entire website for it.



A Super Mario Thing (ASMT) is a collaboration hack created by users of Raocow's Talkhaus and lead by yoshicookiezeus. It was released at SMWC's C3 in Spring 2010. The game stars Demo, an armless cycloptic demon alien minion (created by LP'er Raocow), caught in the middle of a conflict in the Mushroom Kingdom after her teleporter warped her there while at the same time losing it. The game has Demo venturing to defeat King Charles and to get her teleporter back so she can return home.

As ASMT is modeled closer to Japanese-style hacks and was created for Raocow, difficulty is considerably higher than the average hack that would normally be found on SMW Central. Reception to the game has been mixed, with people praising the increased challenge, music, and various gameplay gimmicks, while other have criticized the hack for it fluctuating difficulty.

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