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8 Trials Await



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8 Trials Await (8TA) is a vanilla hack made by SMWCentral user GearboxGoober. It consists of 8 levels, all of which have some different theme to it. The project was originally entitled "1st Challenge Mario" but was changed after rejection.



Mario woke up in a strange world. Of course, Bowser is behind all of this.

Old Story

Story of 1st Challenge Mario: Bowser laid out an endless amount of challenges for Mario to pass if he wants to get the Princess back.

Hack history

As mentioned before, 8 Trials Await was originally 1CM. That version of the hack was removed for a few errors (hidden cutoff in water level, Yoshi sequence breaking, and some overworld issues (the overworld save&continue palette was messed up for whatever reason). The game morphed into 8 Trials Await (3 of the same levels) in less than 3 days.



The overworld of 8TA is extremely simple. It is all black (special world of SMW) and has 6 levels on the bottom row, and 2 on the top. Very linear.

Hack Reception

8 Trials Await (as of July 31, 2010) been rated 5 out of 10 on an average of 4 ratings. Two reviews have been written. Players have said that 8 Trials await has good, simple, easy, linear level design (good for beginners of hack playing). The music score for the hack was all custom (with the exception of the title screen level, intro level, and the Bowser fight. Reviewers generally liked the music selection, but it didn't really fit the pace of the hack.

Fun Facts

-The hack took 4 days to make.

-The hack was accepted by Kristian.

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