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A YouTube hack is a hack that is of very low quality. The name comes from the fact that most of the hacks sent to famous LPers on their YouTube pages are very bad. (See also: Sturgeon's Law.) Common signs of a YouTube hack are floating/stacked munchers, glitched sprites, blatant edits, long empty stretches of land, and attempting to recreate/replicate Kaizo Mario World. YouTube hacks and Kaizo hacks are different because kaizo hacks are meant to be difficult, and not bad. Despite this, Kaizo hacks are commonly mis-associated with YouTube hacks. YouTube hacks are highly frowned upon on SMWCentral because they break nearly all of the Hack Submission Guidelines. YouTube hacks are also, commonly, the first kind of hack a hacker makes, when most of the time, they are trying to make a Kaizo hack.

This is a great example of a YouTube hack.

The term originated from very early in SMW Central's days, approximately in the summer of 2007 when BBLink created the first hack standards.

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