Vanilla Fortress

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Super Mario World Level
Vanilla Fortress
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # B, DF, E0, E1
Notes Only underwater fortress.

Only level with Fishbones.

vanilla Secret 3
Vanilla Fortress
Butter Bridge 1
List of Levels

Vanilla Fortress is a secret substitute for Lemmy's Castle, since you can beat the game without beating one of the two mentioned levels.

Vanilla Fortress is the only underwater castle level in the game, it's also the only level to contain Fishbones.

Level Design

Vanilla fortress is a two-room level (it actually contains three rooms, but two of them are identical.) The first room of which is level B in Lunar Magic. It is seven screens long. The main level design is that Mario has to swim trough the fortress dodging various spikes, Fishbones, Ball 'n' Chains and Dry Bones, until he gets to the pipe that leads him to level E0 in Lunar Magic. However, if Mario is small, he can take the "shortcut" pipe located on screen 3. This pipe takes him to level E1 in Lunar Magic. Both of those pipes lead to the same area, except for the entrance, which is placed closer to the boss door in level E0. In this room, Mario has to dodge once more the sprites he dodged in the last room until he gets to the boss door which leads him to a Reznor boss fight, which is level DF in Lunar Magic.

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