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"Mushroom" redirects here. For the level theme, see Mushroom (Theme).

Super Mushroom

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Normal sprite

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GFX00 (SP1)



A Super Mushroom, or just Mushroom, is an item that, when collected, turns Mario into Super Mario. However, if Mario is already in Super Mario form, or in Fire Mario or Cape Mario form, the Mushroom will be added to the Item Box in the status bar on top of the screen.

Mushrooms can be obtained from yellow ! blocks and certain kinds of ? Blocks and turn blocks. They also can be "invisible" and pop out after Mario has touched where it is. Invisible Mushrooms are typically hidden where bushes are, and are pretty rare.

Obtaining a mushroom gives Mario the ability to break turn blocks using a spin jump, and also temporarily protects Mario from death should he hit an enemy.

In the original version of Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3, all remakes of SMB1, and the Super NES remake of SMB3 (but not Game Boy Advance), Mushrooms were a necessary bridge to the "higher" powerups like the Fire Flower. If you got a Fire Flower but then took a hit from an enemy, you'd only become Super Mario. However, beginning with Super Mario World 1 and continuing with the GBA version of SMB3 and both New Super Mario Bros. games, Mario will still become Fire Mario even if he takes a hit, so Mushrooms are deprecated.

“This differs slightly from previous Super Mario Brothers Game Paks. Mario will suddenly turn into Fire Mario or Caped Mario.”
-From the instruction manual for SMW1

Some players put health meters in their hacks, though, and use the Mushroom to restore Mario's HP.

Hacking Information

  • The Mushroom is sprite 74. It appears under "Standard Sprites" and uses tiles 24, 25, 34, and 35 of GFX00. It expects SP1 to be set to that GFX file.
  • It uses palette C.
  • Sprite C7 is an invisible Mushroom that pops out when Mario touches its position. This was first used in Yoshi's Island 1.
  • Most tiles/extended objects that contain a Fire Flower or Cape Feather inside will contain a Mushroom if Mario is small. The obvious exceptions to the rule would be tile 16A/extended object 87 (the green ! Block) and tile 16B/extended object 8E (the yellow ! Block).


  • If Mario grabs a Mushroom while it is stuck to Yoshi's tongue, the game will give him two Mushrooms, one from collecting it directly and one from swallowing it with Yoshi.
  • If Mario collects a Mushroom and grows from it on the same frame that Yoshi sticks his tongue out, Yoshi's head will glitch and he'll stick out his tongue twice (this can be used to create a null sprite).
  • If Yoshi swallows a Mushroom while Mario is going down a Warp Pipe and it causes him to grow, Mario will stop entering the pipe but be stuck with the properties he has when going into the pipe. This is known as the Layer Switch Glitch.
  • If you wait long enough after dropping a Mushroom out of the Item Box, it will loop and come back out of the top of the screen.
  • Due to the way Super Mario World works, a dropped select Mushroom will still function in the same place within a screen for every screen of a level, however it will not be visible.


The Amanita Muscaria
The real name of the Mario series mushroom is the Amanita Muscaria. It is humorous that eating it in real life will cause hallutionations.

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), the instruction manual for the original NES version of Super Mario Bros. 1 called this item the "Magic Mushroom". However, in that game, Mushrooms were yellow and had red dots.

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