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Misty Isle 4 Secret Exit

A tricky blast from the past!

Difficulty: 2/10 Length: 2/10

Duck on this block to fall behind the block.

This recreation of World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. 3 pulls out all the stops, shown in this secret exit. This includes a trick where if you duck on top of a white block for a few seconds, you will fall behind the block. This trick works in Demo World as well. If you duck on top of the white block in this level for a sufficient amount of time, you’ll fall behind it and be able to proceed behind the background. Once you do that, run to the end of the level, but instead of the normal exit, you will be presented with a key and a keyhole. Obviously, you know what to do...

Misty Isle Secret

If you fly to the top of the toad house, you’ll reach a gray block that will put a Goomba in your reserve box. Why would you want a Goomba in your reserve box? Read on...

Misty Castle

I don't see any mist!

Difficulty: 4/10 Length: 4/10

Wait until the level looks like this before crossing these floating platforms.

Being the first castle, don't expect it to be too hard, but don't expect anything easy. The first section is fairy simple, involving simple jumping over moving blocks, but be careful not to plunge into the lava, it will kill you instantly! The climbing net isn't much harder, just don't run into the koopas. However, this level gets tough as soon as you see some gray platforms that sink when you step on them. You'll have to wait a split-second before jumping, otherwise you will hit the concrete blocks and plunge to your death. After doing this a few times, you will finally reach the door. The second room involves wooden spikes, falling spikes, and floating platforms. To pass this section jump onto the floating platform and wait for the yellow spike to fall. As soon as the wooden spike goes up, jump to the next one. While you wait, you must keep jumping, otherwise you will sink into the lava. Eventually, you will reach the boss door, where you can defeat Iggy and put an end to the first world.

Misty Castle Secret Exit

Take flight! Well... vertically.

Difficulty: 5/10 Length: 2/10

NEED: Cape, grey block item (Goomba)

To get the secret exit, go to the second area of the castle and get past the three thwomps. After you pass a lava pit with some blocks moving horizontally across it, turn around and get a running start. Press your A button once you reach the end. This will allow you to fly up to the ceiling where there are two secret passages. The left one has a 3-up moon, and the right one leads to a door to the secret exit. In the next room, you’ll need to use your goomba and kick it through the enemy-only block to hit the block above it and trigger a vine. Climb up the vine to the key and keyhole. Make sure to read the message blocks, they're very important!

Fly right with your A button to reach the secret room, as shown here.

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