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Owner: moltensnow
Channels: #moltensnow, #lern2bot, #radbusiness, #TFV
Most important function: None as of now

Snivy is an IRC bot by moltensnow (and originally Alcaro). It is written in C++ unlike most other bots. This allows moltensnow to have better control over it, but also creates limitations.



On February 9, 2011, MolSnoBot was replaced due to whining (More information here) with a bot named Snivy. The IRC version of MolSnoBot was replaced 2 days afterward to match the events on TFV.


Snivy has an option feature that consists of commands that can be switched on and off depending on the circumstances of an .ini that the source code reads off of. This allows these options to be turned off if wanted to do so.


When a person enters #TFV, Snivy will say "Hello. Welcome to #TFV. In here, you can talk about anything at all, as long as it follows the rules." If the person joining is MolSno, Snivy will say "Welcome, moltensnow. We are not worthy, oh great one."


If Snivy is kicked from a channel, it will automatically rejoin the channel.


The commands Snivy uses can be triggered with !sv <command>.


Usage: !sv say <word or phrase>
Makes Snivy say the set word or phrase.


Usage: !sv me <verb>
Makes Snivy say the set word in third person.

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