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This page contains a list of things we need done (other than more articles of course). If questions arise, or you want to add something to the list, please check out the talk page first. Also, remember to let everyone know that you are working on a task by adding your name after it. Alike so:

The list

  • Replace crude JPEG screenshots with PNG counterparts.
  • Fix all of the pages that have HTML instead of Wiki coding because they were transferred from the old wiki badly.
  • Complete all the level pages for the original Super Mario World, which should contain basic background info on the levels, a picture, and the Lunar Magic level number.
  • Template tutorial on template category page
  • Update guides to be more comprehensive and complete.

Completed Tasks

  • Update our templates to look like the rest of the wiki. Pack the crayons away. Ultimaximus
I've done the best I could, how'd I do?
I've done this myself, basing it off of the Stub template.
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