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We, the SMWiki Adminstrators, have set up a series of guidelines that should be kept in mind while you are contributing to the SMWiki. If you see a guideline being broken, contact an SMWikiministrator. If it is related to content, such as vague information, please try to help by fixing it. If you are unsure about a Guideline, you can also contact an SMWikiminstrator.


    • Vandalizing includes unwarrented mass deletion, destruction of page info, curses and flames edited into pages, and making new pages containing offensive material. IP addresses are tracked, as well as previous edits. If you are caught vandalizing the Wiki, you WILL be banned from both SMWCentral and the Wiki.

  • Guideline 2: Do not put false/vague information into articles
    • If done purposefully, this will be considered vandalism. Although all humans make mistakes, please do not contribute information unless you are absolutely sure it is correct. No information is better than misinformation. Additionally, try to be specific and detailed. Vague descriptions will only bog down articles.

  • Guideline 3: Do not copy information from any other Wiki, or any other site for that matter.
    • Copying information from other Wikis shows laziness and unwillingness to do work, as well as rudeness in passing off the work of others as one's own. It will not be tolerated in the SMWiki, and articles that are known to be copied from other sites will be promptly deleted.

    • This includes ROMs, ROM links, wares, cracks, viruses, pornographic material, and excessive swearing. If you perform this act, there will be a consequence to face. In the case of unintended ROM links, please double check to make sure your linked site does not host ROMs. In the case of swearing, it will not be tolerated in those pages whose purpose is to be strictly informational, such as SMW information. Minor incidents will be accepted in user pages, and hack pages if absolutely necessary, but excessive swearing will not be tolerated. Please also do not swear in file names unless necessary, nor in description boxes (i.e. deletion reason, image upload, etc.).

  • Guideline 5: Only add information about stuff that you are familiar with.
    • Although this would fall under Guideline 2, I'm adding it anyway. Don't add information on what you think something can do. Hypothetical, extreme example: Don't create a page for Addmusic that says "In Addmusic, you can insert music to SMW, create custom music, develop new instruments, orchestrate already-created pieces, stop global warming, and cure cancer." Obviously, this is an extreme example, but I've found similar things happening. So stop.

  • Guideline 6: Do not create articles unrelated to SMW, Mario, or SMWC.
    • The purpose of the SMWiki is to provide data and information on the aforementioned topics. We do not want to see articles on memes, the N64's processors, or Sonic The Hedgehog 3, for example. No exceptions.

  • Guideline 7: Level Summaries are NOT Walkthoughs
    • Every level article must contain at least a brief summary of the level, such as theme, secrets, etc. We do not want "Jump over the yellow pipe, and there will be a vine in the turn block." This is unnecessary information, and means nothing to most readers. GameFAQs exists for a reason! Any articles currently containing a walkthrough should be fixed ASAP.

  • Guideline 8: Use proper tone in articles
    • Wiki articles should be serious. Save the funny stuff for the IRC and forums, please. Use proper English that is easily understandable and be informative.

Editing Guidelines

These are the things you should take into consideration while editing the wiki.

  • Please try to add an image to an article if you can, especially when making a new one.
  • Please write all articles about people (including yourself) in third person.
  • When you make pages, check for pages with similar names so we don't get duplicates.
  • Categorize your pages!
  • Categorize your pages properly! Use two == signs around a text (==Example==) to create main sections, and more = signs to create sub-sections (===Subsection 2===,===Subsection 2===). Do NOT use bold tags and horizontal lines! Not only does this look ugly, it also doesn't create a "contents" box at the top.
  • When making a large enhancement or update to a currently existing page, before you get started, make a small edit near the top that says something like this: Claimed by:(Your name) After finishing with the page, simply delete that piece of text.
  • Please make your personal pages just your name and not "User:Your name". Afterward, edit your userpage to have "#REDIRECT [[Your Name]]" in it.
  • If you see any internal link that is red, the link leads to a page that is nonexistent. Feel free to fill these in.
  • Note that all staff members pages have been redirected to the category "Staff". In the future, can all users when linking to the Staff page use "Staff" instead of "Mods"? Likewise for Staff Members when linking their category.
  • It has been noticed that a few people are adding things from various Mario games to the Super Mario World section. Please stop this! The categories of Characters, Enemies, Levels, Locations, Objects, Items, Palettes, Notable Stages, and Beta are ONLY for things found in Super Mario World! Do NOT put characters, stages, etc. from games like Paper Mario or New Super Mario Bros. Wii in these sections!
  • All sprite articles are stubs unless they include a picture, description, sprite info (such as number and tileset), and Hacking info (such as related ROM addresses)
  • When making a level article, make the name of the article the level's name. Then make the article "Level XX" where X is the level number a redirect to the real article.


Failure to comply with these Guidelines will result in a warning for a first offense, and a short ban of varying length, depending on the severity. Repeated offenses will not be tolerated. Excessive violation will result in a permanent ban. ALL cases of vandalism will result in a permanent ban from the wiki of your username and your IP address.

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