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This article is about the site itself. For things related to the site (such as IRC), see SMW Central category.

SMW Central, a.k.a. SMWC, is a Super Mario World hacking community and resource website launched on the January 1, 2006 by and Smallhacker. Its goal is to help the SMW hacking community by organizing the knowledge about this game's inner workings, as well as providing tools, free graphics, and hosting both demos and completed hacks. It currently has over 1,000 active users.



Main article: Nightfall

At January 1 2008, SMW Central was closed and replaced with Nightfall. However, on February 7, left the community. Smallhacker decided to cancel the Nightfall project and bring back SMW Central.

Kuribo's Shoe

Main article: Kuribo's Shoe

Kuribo's Shoe was a work in progress site that would eventually replace SMW Central. Kuribo's Shoe, however, would focus on Mario hacking in general - not just Super Mario World hacking. But it's been "Down for Development" for quite a while and will likely never be completed. If it is completed, it'll take a long time to be completed.

The Negaverse

On April 1st, 2010, Y05H1, the 10,000th user on SMWC, caused a portal to open to what some call the Negaverse. But when April 2nd came, the Negaverse was destroyed. A hack led by Lunar Rico is being made based off of this.

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