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Rayman Man

Also known as



Knows of

Graphics, SMW Hacking, M64 Hacking, Guitar Playing, YI Hacking, NSMB Hacking

Join date

12:23:55 PM, November 27th, 2007


September 2, 1997

Known For

Good grammer and spelling

Rayman Man is a user to SMWCentral.

Not the smartest kid, but has very good spelling and grammer.



Rayman Man wants to become a mod on SMWC. He'd like to become a Scorpion Works member. He also wants to have a Heavy Metal Band.

Other Info

Real Name: Kurtis

Times Been Banned: 0

Joined: November 27th 2007

Autistic: Yes

Musical Instrument: Guitar

Able To Play Musical Instrument: Yes

Planet N: The Darkness Within

Planet N is a dark hack where Deletone meets Randor and seeing as they both want to destroy Mario, they team up. So what does this have to do with Planet N? You ask? Planet N has no life but mysteriously, it has the best Technology ever. Planet N is also the Heart of all the Universes. If it is destroyed, well then, both Mario, and us die. Randor knows about this planet and since Deletone knows alot about Technology, he tells Deletone and they head to Planet N. After awhile they destroy almost all of the Mushroom World, but the just miss the Mushroom Kingdom slightly. Now the fate of all Univereses is in his hands.

Rayman Man is hoping to finish it in 2010.

Discovery Of SMW Hacking

When Rayman Man was 8, he went on Youtube to search for a Sonic 3 level editor. He never found one. But he did find Lunar Magic. He decided to look at the video but it seemed too complicated. He never cared after that.

But when he was 9, he was trying to make his summer fun. He hated the outdoors (Still does) so he decided to look up Lunar Magic again. After that he looked up some videos of levels aswell.

Alot of them had Floating Munchers in them. He thought that was just plain retarted (Apparently; so did alot of other people). He downloaded Lunar Magic but didn't know about ROMs so he thought it didn't work. He cried himself to sleep that night.

The next day, he started to look at some of the tutorials. In an instant, he downloaded an SMW ROM and ZSNES.

Super Mario World Central

On Youtube, he dicovered this mysterious thing called "ExGFX". He was curious and decided to figure out what it was and how it worked.

In the video, it said that SMW Central was the best place to get ExGFX. Ever since before the wipe, Ryaman Man has been lurking the Central. He constantly tried to log on but for some reason, it never let him. It was a few months before it finally let him log on.

When he joined, he was still what some people call a "Forum Idiot". He eventually got smart and posted normal... about 2 years later.


Nightfall pretty much (Like everyone else) ruined the site for him. During Nightfall; you didn't have to log in to make posts. You just typed in your username and then your post. This led to problems for Rayman Man. When Rayman Man stated that he didn't use Google, someone used that feature to make a fake message saying: "Where's my nipple o_0" Rayman Man got his feelings hurt after that. After Nightfall was closed down, Rayman Man started to get active again... until he spent months trying to remember his password.

Mod Positions

Ever since he started caring about this website he has taken after the Moderators like a child takes after his parents. In December, Mod applications were opened. Unaware that you would have to make a list to answer the questions, he answered through his sentences. Part of him didn't want to get the part as he wanted to earn it by being a good. When the winners were announced he was very upset. he doesn't make it his goal to become moderator anymore.

Team Haunted

Rayman Man is currently a member to a website called Team Haunted. It is mainly for creating hacks as if they were made by a company, as almost all of them are team hacks. Rayman Man joined Team Haunted in late October and is currently reviving any good hacks that have been canceled placing himself as the leader. Rayman Manused to be a moderater due to reviving The Phantasm War.

Real Life

In real life Rayman Man is a sarcastic Pre-Teenager. He currently resides in Westwood, Ontario.


Rayman Man is the frontman for his Metal band "Rockslide" He formed the band in late Febuary, after dropping his obsession with Video Games and becoming obsessed with Rock Music.


Rayman Man has Aspergers Disorder. He doesn't know how to have multiple interests and sticks to one. He lacks understanding of facial/body expressions and takes sarcasm literally. But despite these problems, he has a high IQ, and a sophisticated vocabulary (Also symptoms). He is glad to have been diagnosed and hopes he can get over some of the symptoms before they start disrupting his social life.

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