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A ROM address is an address which holds a certain byte of data located in the ROM area.

SMW Central uses two kinds of ROM addresses, PC addresses and SNES addresses.

  • PC addresses are normal offsets that are counted literally beginning with the first byte of data minus one (so the 19,753rd byte would be labeled as 0x4D28, which is 19,752 in hex); Translhextion and similar hex editors use this format.
  • SNES addresses are in a special format that omits the first 512 bytes of a ROM (AKA the ROM header). You use SNES addresses if you want to use XKAS to apply ASM hacks to your ROM. (Continuing with the previous example, PC address 0x4D28 converts to $00:C0D8 in SNES format. If you were to apply an ASM hack, you'd omit the colon, creating $00C0D8.)

Lunar Address

Lunar Address can help you if you are trying to manually convert addresses. As you'll see once you open Lunar Address, there are actually different kinds of SNES ROM Addresses; SMWC's ROM Map uses LoROM format (the topmost radio button). If you were instead looking to hack a RAM address, you'd click on the "RAM/ZSNES Save State" radio button.


SMW Central's ROM Map is a (currently incomplete) listing of every address in a clean Super Mario World ROM and what each address does. You might find some incredibly useful and simple hacks in there that you could apply!

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