RAM Address/$7E:14C8

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Rex in its smushed state.
A red Koopa gets killed by a spinjump.
Mega Moles sinking in what appears to be mud.

Sprite status table. Controls what status a sprite is on - be it non-existant (free slot), regular, kicked, smushed, falling off screen, etc.

These values indicate the following:

00 Free slot, non-existant sprite.
01 Initial phase of sprite.
02 Killed, falling off screen.
03 Smushed (like Rex can be).
04 Killed with a spinjump.
05 Burning in lava; sinking in mud.
06 Turn into coin at level end.
07 Stay in Yoshi's mouth.
08 Normal routine.
09 Stationary/Carryable.
0A Kicked.
0B Carried.
0C Powerup from being carried past goaltape.

Note of interest is that sprite states 08 and beyond are considered "active" states, states when the sprite is alive. If one is willing to attack a sprite only when that sprite is actually alive, or able to react on an attack in the first place, one could check if the sprite state is below 08 or not.

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