RAM Address/$7E:0100

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Game Mode.

00 Load Nintendo Presents
01 Nintendo Presents
02 Fade to Title Screen
03 Load Title Screen
04 Prepare Title Screen
05 Title Screen: Fade in
06 Title Screen: Circle effect
07 Title Screen
08 Title Screen: File select
09 Title Screen: File delete
0A Title Screen: Player select
0B Fade to Overworld
0C Load Overworld
0D Overworld: Fade in
0E Overworld
0F Fade to Level
10 Fade to Level (black)
11 Load Level (Mario Start!)
12 Prepare Level
13 Level: Fade in
14 Level
15 Fade to Game Over / Time Up
16 Load Game Over / Time Up
17 Game Over / Time Up
18 Load Credits/Cutscene?
19 Load Credits/Cutscene?
1A Load Credits/Cutscene?
1B Ending: Credits / Cutscene
1C Ending: Fade to Yoshi's House
1D Ending: Load Yoshi's House
1E Ending: Yoshi's House: Fade in
1F Ending: Yoshi's House
20 Fade to Enemies
21 Fade to Enemies (black)
22 Fade to Enemies?
23 Fade to Enemies (black)?
24 Ending: Enemies: Fade in
25 Ending: Enemies
26 Fade to The End / Go to 22
27 Ending: Load The End
28 Ending: The End: Fade in
29 Ending: The End
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