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Also known as

Max, Maxo, Maxodd (by ShadowFire), Max Guy (self-alias)



Knows of

Music, SMW Hacking, games, computers and technology

Join date



March 1st 1999

Known For

Music porting, having a hack, IRC, excessive post-count

MaxodeX (real name Cristian) is a SMW Hacker who joined SMWCentral in early 2011, when he rarely visited the site. He was an idler until he had the guts to post an introduction thread. Then he started visiting the site regularly and posted almost everyday, and grew both as a person and as a hacker.


General Information

MaxodeX is a guy who likes making himself useful for people, so he would be almost all the time willing to help you with anything, besides ASM. He's also a somewhat chill guy most of the time, and also loves to make jokes.

His attitude in real life is kind of different, but not really that much. He's kinda talkative, and makes lots of jokes. If he's in an area where he's comfortable (with close friends) he's the center of attention. If he's in a place where he doesn't know anybody or he feels uncomfortable, he's quite shy and doesn't like to talk really much, but when he starts knowing the person better he feels much more comfortable and is more social.

MaxodeX goes regularly to IRC, too.


MaxodeX is a really experienced SMW hacker, he knows how to do the following:

  • Making quality levels/overworlds.
  • Inserting ExGFX
  • Inserting sprites
  • Inserting music
  • Adding patches
  • Making Hex-Edits
  • Making HDMA gradients
  • Pseudo-advanced ASM (not really)
  • Music porting

Music Porting

MaxodeX got into music porting when he found out some of his friends learned how to port music, so he decided to try it out. He really got into porting, he's made tons of ports and really got the hang of it. He also wants to make some ports for AddmusicM, and sampled AMM songs too, but he hasn't really started on that yet. He also made some friends when he started porting. He's also really proud of most of his ports.

Submitted ports:

His first sampled port:

The Ancestor's Treasure

MaxodeX's main hack, and also his first.

It first started out as everyone's regular sucky first hack, but before he made an account on SMWCentral, he found the removal logs and learned what he hadn't to do. He started fixing all (or most) of the hack's errors, glitches and traps, and he made "Maxodex's world". He didn't have any idea of what to put as a plot, so he just named it like that knewing it's really overused to say "Super _____ World".

MaxodeX finally found a plot for his hack, thanks to one of his friends Urtegurke. The plot reads as following:

Many years ago, Peachs' great-grandfather buried a great treasure in a cave near a bech before he died. Peach's father, Ethan (graphics pending), found out about the treasure and he started a quest to find it. But he didn't come back...

Peach was afraid that something terrible happened to him, so she begged Mario to look for him and the treasure. So Mario took of and started a new, dangerous adventure.

The story gets much deeper as you move forward.

He's still working on some tweaking in the intro cutscene, and fixes some minor errors from time to time from his old levels. MaxodeX has some levels of which he's not satisfied with at all, because he knows he can do better. That's why he's making a mini-project of remaking all of his old, sucky levels. He's remade 3 levels already, Charge Castle, Rocky Hill and Crush Castle, of which he's pretty proud of. He's in the way of remaking about 2 levels more, and with that he expects to continue his hack normally.

Lastest demo for TAT.

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