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Also known as

these names:

  • Bowser Jr.
  • MT2020
  • Tech


Do the math!

Knows of

intermediate Lunar Magic usage and MP3 to MIDI conversions (sort of)

Join date

October 4, 2010, Monday, 1407 hours (2:07PM) MST


July 20

Known For

not being known...

This user is dead from SMWCentral but not from his talk page! ...and the IRC...

Mastertech2020 is hacker in SMW Central. He is the 12570th hacker registered. He is also the founder of YoshiTech Productions where the two main members are MT2020 and Yoshifanatic.



The origins of the master of technology.

Discovering Lunar Magic

One day, he was watching the Mario Kaizo levels on Youtube and he thought Would it be nice if I made one of those levels, plus he also thought Wow. Super Mario World is that hard? So he went google searching and ended up finding SMWCentral, and so it begins...

He started to mess around with Lunar Magic and found out, not only knowing the basics of Lunar Magic [also that he's not a newb, screw the quiz!], but finding out that he is also a hand-on person; he learned it by messing around with it.

Basically, he did research to find out where did it all came from.


He has gone away from SMWCentral for a long time, from Winter 2010 to Fall 2011. His progress on his hack wasn't so much. At Fall 2011, he finally found a way to get back to SMWCentral, but it wasn't the best way. Finally he got a VISIO Tablet and got internet on his own house. He was able to connect, but not work/play any hacks. Finally, the tablet broke down by crashing every now and then and also by disabling its keyboard. Now he browses SMWC through anything that can browse the web.

YoshiTech Productions

Main Article: YoshiTech Productions

While Private Messaging Yoshifanatic, Mastertech2020 thought of contributing to his hack, Yoshi's Strange Quest. He soon found out that his ideas can turn into a new game. He thought it would be best if he and Yoshifanatic worked together on that hack. Regardless if yoshifanatic put his ideas in that hack, YoshiTech Productions was born.


This shows alll avatars used by Mastertech2020 from old (bottom right) to new (top left).

About Him

He's a motivated hacker who likes to hack any game he wishes; the problem is getting the ROM and the program that edits the ROM. He can also roughly analyze code scripting of a video game without hacking or going into its codex.


He knows the coding for Pokemon when they attack. He can calculate the values so that he knows how much HP is lost.


  • When Mastertech2020 was disconnected from SMWCentral, he worked on his hack on his school's computers. He worried, at one point, that the programs from SMWCentral are caused the computers to malfunction.
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