Mario in Iggy Land

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Mario in Iggy Land
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Mario in Iggy Land is moltensnow's SMW hack. It is a vanilla hack that is the first out of a series of 8 games. It is currently rejected and was submitted April 29, 2010. It was rejected for boring level design, and was resubmitted on May 1, 2010. It was re-rejected sometime between then and June 6, 2010.



Remember Jared World Is Super? Well, this is different. This is a WHOLE new thing. This vanilla hack contains awesomeness.


Mario was thirsty, so he went to kill Iggy and drink his blood.


The levels in the game are completely linear and has its own gimmick. Although, some people say the levels are sometimes very flat and boring.

Yoshi's House

This level is basically identical to level 104 but uses level #1, different message box text, and a several coins which use a P-switch to get a 1-UP.

Linear Levels

The basic starting level of every Mario game. A grassland with an underground area.

The Sky

A storm level with coins above marking the spot where you would die. You have to avoid enemies while riding in a cloud.

Run, RUN, RUN!!!

You have 100 seconds to beat the level.

The Four Seasons

Pipes lead to the level during different seasons. The Spring is flooded, the Summer is closed until the end, the winter is frozen, and the starting level is a hub. You have to use the seasons to solve puzzles.

Iggy's Web Hosting

This serves as the final boss in this game. After beating Iggy, Iggy falls into the lava, making Mario unable to drink his blood. So Mario moves on to a desert type of landmass where the next game, Mario in Morton Desert picks up.


The graphics are the most well edited part of the game. The palettes are edited to add to the effect of the graphics. The graphics were made in Lunar Magic, since this is a Vanilla Hack. For instance, the background in Linear Levels looks like actual ExGFX on SMWCentral, but was made from the level 105 background.


The overworld is very simplistic and linear, containing no secrets whatsoever. The image shown is the beta overworld.

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