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Mario's Personal Agent

Also known as

MPA, MarioAwesomeness, MA, Awesomeness, Okami



Knows of

Levels, Overworld, Addmusic, editing GFX, ExGFX, Map16, Hex, BlockTool Super Deluxe, Xkas, a decent amount of ASM, how to make patches, and SpriteTool

Join date

February 26, 2010


May 5, 1997

Known For

C++, Mario's Demented Journey

Mario's Personal Agent is an active user on SMWCentral. He is partly known for being good at C++.



Mario's Personal Agent is active on the IRC, usually visiting #smwc, #serioushax, and his own channel, #radbusiness and uses the name "MariosPersonalAgent".

Hacking Projects

Mario's Demented Journey

Mario's Demented Journey is a large team hack that was created on the idea that SMW Hacks can scare you and creep you out, without ever having to be creepypasta. It has a fairly decent number of members, but sadly the thread isn't very active, so he would really appreciate it if people would join the hack. The thread is here.

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