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<span style="font-weight:bold;font-size:x-large;"><center>Welcome To The SMWiki!</center></span><br />
<span style="font-weight:bold;font-size:x-large;"><center>Welcome To The SMWiki!
The wiki has been locked due to excessive spam. Please wait warmly while we solve this issue.</center></span><br />

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Welcome To The SMWiki! The wiki has been locked due to excessive spam. Please wait warmly while we solve this issue.

Please leave your suggestions here.

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Welcome to the new SMWiki! Our goal is to provide extensive information on Super Mario World in order to assist the users of SMW Central and those others hacking SMW. The latest wiki news can always be found on this page, so check there to see the latest updates.

Right now, we're currently rebuilding the wiki to its former glory, but you can help! Anyone can sign up and edit the wiki, so feel free to contribute any information you have about any topics covered here.

New to wikis? No problem! For help with editing, check out these web pages:

If you still need additional help, try coming on the wiki's official IRC channel, #smwiki

Some Friendly Staff Reminders:

  • Thanks the the new WikiAdmin; the wiki has been upgraded and extensions added, especially to counter spam.
  • In light of recent spam, I'd like to take preemptive measures when it comes to suspicious accounts that follow the naming format of said spammers. Thus, *IF YOU CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT, PLEASE PLACE TEXT, ANY TEXT AT ALL, ON YOUR USER PAGE*. This is a behaviour that no spammer has shown. If you do not do this, and you are a newly registered account whose name follows the common naming convention of said spammers, you risk a ban on your account.
  • We have decided there is no need for Hacking Information for each level, as it is very easily obtained through Lunar Magic. Please do not re-add this information to levels we take it off. If you believe though that there is a great reason to keep it for every level, then message me I guess.
  • This is a backup of the old SMWiki, hosted by Ultimaximus. Feel free to copy article content from there, but please do not copy the HTML source of the page directly, and please do not use an automated converter, as they do not work with this wiki.
  • Remember to use the base pages when creating a new page in order to preserve consistency across the entire wiki.
  • When creating an article that involves ROM or RAM addresses, please use the table that is shown on pages such as the Fire Flower article.

Articles that need help:

Terra Stripe. Please help this page!
Arch Ledges. Please help this page!


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