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Lakitu's Artwork

Lakitu is a Koopa that rides on a cloud from the Mario series of games.


General Information

Lakitu is a very humanoid species of Koopa, having a rounded head, a button nose, three strands of hair, and wearing aviator's goggles. Lakitu's cloud has a smiley face on the front.

Lakitu first appeared in Super Mario Bros, where it hovered near the top of the screen and dropped spiked eggs which hatched into Spinies as soon as they hit the ground. If Mario could get up high enough to stomp it, it would fall down and briefly disappear, but would soon return to shower him with more eggs. Lakitu used this same basic attack pattern in Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and virtually every other action game in the Mario series. In Super Mario World, a new feature was added: If Mario defeated Lakitu with fireballs or by throwing an object at it instead of stomping it, he could hop into Lakitu's cloud and ride around in it for a while.

Also new to Super Mario World is Fishin' Lakitu. It carries a fishing pole with a 1-Up Mushroom attached to the line. It follows Mario, but will not begin attacking with its traditional Spiny Eggs until Mario grabs the bait from its line.

In addition to the sky varieties, there are also Lakitus which live in pipes. Like their skybound counterparts, they throw Spiny Eggs, but they're much easier to stomp since they're nearer to ground level.

Hacking Information

Depending on its x position, Lakitu will be a normal Lakitu or a Fishin' Lakitu. It is only useable with the forest sprite set (GFX02). There is also a "Lakitu's Cloud, no time limit" sprite (Sprite 87) which floats in place with no Lakitu. If Mario hops in, he can ride it through an entire level without fear of it dissipating. This can be used to create unique sky levels.

Pipe-Dwelling Lakitus don't actually have to be used in pipes. They can be hidden behind bushes, in water, or behind any other obstacle.

Related ROM Addresses

Lakitu's Tilemap

  • 0x09DEE [EC EE] Lakitu's Idle Frame (first byte is head tile, second is body tile)
  • 0x09DF0 [CE EE] Lakitu Throwing
  • 0x09DF2 [A8 EE] Lakitu Dying
  • 0x16BE6 [EC A8 CE] Pipe Lakitu's Head Tiles (Idle, Dying, Throwing)
  • 0x16BE9 [EE EE EE] Pipe Lakitu's Body Tiles (Idle, Dying, Throwing)
  • 0x16C1B [5B] Palette/GFX page of Pipe Lakitu
  • 0x0EB76 [4D] Tile used by face on Lakitu's Cloud

Fishin' Lakitu's Tilemaps

  • 0x168A8 [AA] Tile used by Fishin' Lakitu's rod
  • 0x168B2 [35] Rod's palette
  • 0x16907 [89] Tile used by Fishin' Lakitu's line
  • 0x1690C [35] Line's palette
  • 0x168A8 [24] Tile used by Fishin' Lakitu's 1-Up bait
  • 0x168B7 [3A] Bait's palette

Related Sprites

  • 0x0EC32 [14] Sprite Lakitu throws (Spiny Egg)
  • 0x0EC36 [21] Sprite Lakitu throws when Silver P-Switch is active (Silver Coin)
  • 0x0EC69 [02] Palette of sprite Lakitu throws when silver P-Switch is active
  • 0x086A5 [87] Sprite spawned by killing Lakitu (Cloud)
  • 0x086C6 [22 D2 F7 07] Change to EA EA EA EA to prevent Lakitu's Cloud from ever being spawned


  • 0x0EBDC [95] Change to 74 to disable Lakitu vertical movement
  • 0x16B9B [F8] Rising speed of Pipe Lakitu
  • 0x16BE3 [08] Sinking speed of Pipe Lakitu
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