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S.N.N. is one of the head tyrants on SMWC. He doesn't like you, and never will. Stop trying to be his friend. No, seriously.
-Absent Ministrator

S.N.N. (AKA LADY ANTHROCOPTER) isn't a head tyrant of SMWC, but he is awesome/sweet music porter/administrator! Huzzah yeah!

S.N.N. joined the Central in July of 2007, although he had been following the building of it since it opened. He refuses to write an actual date here since Kieran will complain that he is a liar. About a month after he joined, he was promoted to a local moderator. He seemed to be rather charismatic at the time for whatever reason, which led him to getting nearly 100 votes for the administrator position in May 2008. Since then, he has done his best to watch over the Central and the IRC with an iron fist. As of today, he still maintains this position, and it appears things are running smoothly.

What sets him apart from other people is that he really doesn't care what people think of him. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty, nor is he afraid to deal with e-drama. He also likes to give harsh, honest feedback rather than buttering things up. As he states, nobody is going to learn how to improve by being told that something they made is good when it clearly isn't. If they get discouraged, then that is their own loss. If they're truly devoted to wanting to learn something, they'll accept the feedback and improve. Seeing people improve makes him happy, and, in the long run, benefits others.

Real Life

Also, he drinks a lot.

His attitude in real life isn't really THAT much different from on the Internet. Here, he is rather sarcastic and stoic, whereas he is pretty much the same way in real life. When it comes to arguments, he attempts to use logic to win rather than screaming in hopes of scaring someone. S.N.N.'s protip for arguments: nobody gives a shit (aaaaa) how high you raise your voice. Once they realize the flaws in their logic, they'll shut up.

He is a university graduate as of this year, with two years total under his belt. He would like to get into teaching, or perhaps something in the science field. He hasn't decided yet, though. As of February 2010, he'll be taking an online course for Calculus III, which is the second hardest course in the university he attended. He is not exactly sure why, but he likes a challenge.

His main interest is music. He has about 12 years about music experience under his belt, and he can play 11 instruments (though he only has a decent talent for about 6 of them). Composing is a true love of his, and despite not being the best at it, it's something he does as a hobby for fun. He has actually composed tracks for a few popular ROM hacks out there as well.

Mario's Keytastrophe

See also: Mario's Keytastrophe

Mario's Keytastrophe is S.N.N.'s main ROM hack. He started it in July of 2007, and as of November of 2009, he is still working on it. He doesn't exactly think it holds a candle to newer hacks that are being released, though a couple of years ago, it was pretty highly anticipated. It was also the first hack ever created to utilize custom compositions in SMW, and one of the first to use ported music. Good times.

The current demo contains 51 exits, out of about 100. This means that he is actually over halfway done. He expects to finish the hack at some point in 2010, though if it carries into 2011, then he'll probably just quit it, which its dead now sadly.

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