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Also known as

Austin, BMO (Beemo), Kurumi (waifu), Treecko (fav Pokemon), Joe69 (created on IRC's server transference), Coolpster (by Magi. Yes you read it right)



Knows of

Lunar Magic, layout coding, basic ASM and other misc. stuff

Join date

Oct 24th 2011


Mar 7th 2000

Known For

IRCing, coding layouts, postcount+

Koopster is a SMW Central user. He's friendly at most, and always try to be the best and funniest person as possible.

Koopster found the site a bit later he started to hack. Make his own levels for Super Mario World was his childhood dream, and he got amazed when he saw a picture of Lunar Magic. While he found the Central when he was a starter, he only made an account a while later, when he had a good knowledge about level design and the editor itself.

His first name was Austin due of being a fan of The Backyardigans; but he got pretty bored of how the name looked like and changed it. A while before, he had changed his name to BMO for a little while, but he realised he'd not fit with it and regret it a few days later.

Today, Koopster can be found on the forums, and also on the IRC, where he has one of the longest auto-join lists of the network. You won't have trouble catching him over there, for sure!


Contributions for the community

Koopster hadn't done much. On the SMW hacking scene, he sometimes pops up on the help forum to answer some questions. He also released a few simple ASM codes. His hack is frozen most of the time due to other business.

Besides SMW hacking, he had done a bunch of layouts and other miscellaneous stuff.


Koopster used to hack a lot more before he found SMW Central and got distracted with forums and IRC. Due to that, he only found one of his hacks worth showing off so far.

Vanilla Twist

His main hack. The work in progress thread is located right here. It's updated once in a lifetime.

Real life

Outside the Internet, Koopster is a 13 years old student. He's a pretty social person. The reason for him staying on SMW Central for a long time is he's not fond of social networks.

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