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Super Mario World Level
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 12A, 1C5, 1C4
Notes First level in the Special World.
Star World 5
List of Levels

Gnarly is the first level of the Special Zone. It starts out as a vertical climb with vines, Pea Bouncers, and Note Block, then leads to a drop down. The level then leads to an area with three P-Switches, two blue and one gray.



1. Bounce on the wall Pea Bouncers up to the turn blocks. Each one contains a vine.

2. The rightmost vine takes you up all the way to the top. The second vine from the right leads you to a P-Switch (be sure to keep up with that vine, as there is a turn block you must hit to keep it climbing upwards).

3. There are two uses for the P-Switch. One is that you can carry it down to where the four vines are, press it, and hit the leftmost turn block to ride it up to a 1-Up Mushroom, and the other is you can take to a pit at the top that takes you down to a pipe to the next area. If you press the P-Switch before you fall, you can access another pipe that will lead you to three Dragon Coins in the next area.

4. In the next area, there are three P-Switches, two blue and one silver. Press a blue switch and run across the ? blocks that appear to a Hammer Bro. Defeat him and ride the flying turn blocks up to the next ledge. A lakitu will appear, throwing spinies (coins, if you press the silver P-Switch.

5. Running past the bush next to the cement block will give you a mushroom, and the Giant gate is right next to it. If you bring a P-Switch with you, you can get another powerup once you complete the level.

Note: If a player enters the level with Yoshi, they can use his long tongue to reach the blue koopa on the other side of rope barriers dividing the level in two. With the koopa in Yoshi's mouth, the player can easily fly over most of the level.

Hacking Information

  • Event Number: 65


In Lunar Magic, pressing [Shift+F8] at the same time causes a minor asm fix; not only does this allow the use of the message generator (sprite 19), but it also causes level 1C5 (which is used in this level) to turn into the intro level if Mario starts the game in a submap.

Message #1

Amazing! Few have made it this far. Beyond lies the Special Zone. Complete it and you can explore a strange new world. GOOD LUCK!

Message #2

No message specified.

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