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Fakezor is a spammer on SMW Central who tends to override the CSS on pages with images of porn. He has had his account disabled many times, somehow getting unbanned, and constantly reregisters to post more porn. His first attack was in the Portuguese SMW hacking forum. In SMWC, he started when SMWC had to use the comments as temporary forums when the forums were down.

On the morning of Saturday 23rd July 2011, fakezor trolled various users through his On-On Stalker account (which fakezor had been hiding in and had gone undetected for 3 weeks beforehand up until it was discovered previously by the users in the Portuguese forum that On-On was fakezor), most notably Jeorge535, threatening him and sending pornographic images to him through PM's. He also went onto the IRC pretending to be another user under the nickname of memimee, but his evil plan backfired when the others on IRC found out that it was actually fakezor in disguise. He further spammed on IRC, but he has now been banned from there as well as his On-On Stalker account disabled.

Known Reregisters:

  • fakezor
  • SmashGuy
  • meelelee
  • Evil Yoshi
  • jay rooper
  • thor
  • Metal Luigi
  • On-On Stalker.
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