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ROM hacking

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Earlier than 2007-08-20



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His assembly skills & The Muncher Run series, being an SMWC administrator, owner of IRC channel #serioushax.

Ersanio is an administrator of the SMW Central Forums. He had the user ID 1214 before the great wipe, and user ID 3 afterwards. He is also one of the SMWCentral's official Lab Rat. Ersanio joined the forums after the wipe at approximately 2007-08-20 06:27:16 PM. Ersanio is also a WikiMinistrator.


Discovery of Lunar Magic

One day, Ersanio was searching for a SMW glitch video on Youtube. Somehow, he found a SMW hack video - it showed a (glitchy) secret level on the moon in Star World. Ersanio was really amazed. He looked at the comments and learned that people use Lunar Magic to edit SMW's levels. He used Google, searched for Lunar Magic, and ended up at FuSoYa's site. He started to edit levels. When he went to FuSoYa's site again, he found a link to SMWCentral. He started to look there for a few days, and eventually registered on the forums.

ROM Hacking

His "Early n00b days"

When he found out that ExGFX is possible, he started to download them, and use them in his hack. On one day, he used the SMB3 music patch, but he learned that the POW music is wrong. He started to post at the n00b SMW hacking forums. One of the answers involved hex editing, but he had no idea what hex was. He started to look at the ROM map, and slowly started to edit everything successfully. Ever since then, Ersanio helped out other n00b members until he eventually got tired of it.

His "Advanced hacking days"

Ersanio saw amazing ASM hacks here and there, so he decided to learn ASM. When he found Sukasa's ASM tutorial at Board 2, he started to read it. At first it didn't make any sense to him, but after he read it over and over again, he learned the basics of 65c816 ASM. He started to experiment with custom blocks, and learned how to use ASM somewhat effectively. He even wrote his very own ASM tutorial. He still is busy learning ASM right now, and often gets PMs asking help for ASM (which he ignores now).

His projects

His very first hack was called "Mario and Luigi in Bowsers revenge", often reffered as "M&L in Bowsers Revenge", which is SMB3 themed. Unfortunately, the hack got canceled. He decided he won't make a new SMW hack, but still work on ASM stuff - or so he thought. He started some new hack series called "The Muncher Run". It features a lot of munchers being used correctly. He has already finished The Muncher Run 1 and 2. However, 3 has been cancelled with the reason of "I quit SMW hacking". A C3 thread of TMR3 can be found here. In the end, Ersanio started to work on a SMW hack called "Via Infinita", featuring one gigantic level with the purpose of beating the "Longest level in SMW hacking history" record. This too, however, quickly met its end when the level design part came.

At some point, Ersanio felt like hacking Super Mario All-Stars, so he started to search for RAM Addresses. He found a lot of them, especially for SMB3. This motivated him to disassemble Super Mario All-Stars entirely, because he knows how useful disassemblies are. He discovered more and more useful data. This proves that Ersanio is skilled in the general ROM hacking scenes.

Ersanio also has a blog where he dumps random ASM-related stuff for SMW, as well as random tips and tutorials, and does some interesting ranting. He cares a lot about his blog, because that's the only place where he can mention his honest thoughts without any single restriction.

His SMW and ASM Hacking skills

Ersanio is what you can call a jack of all trades when he's hacking in a dedicated way. He is particularly advanced in 65c816 ASM though, and he even wrote a tutorial about it. He made multiple custom blocks, and 32x32 blocks (with a bit of help from Romi) which no average ASM hacker could create at the time.

Becoming a staff member

Ersan made it to the staff position at 2008-05-17. He was a local moderator of Advanced SMW hacking, and put some new rules there in a sticky. He became a global moderator at approximately 2009-03-01 08:50:49 PM. Eventually, he made it to the administrator position at approximately 2011-02-15 09:58 PM. His very first job as an admin was to remove a ROM from someone's filebin, to which he commented "My very first accomplishment as an admin is to remove a ROM file from the filebin, anticlimaxxxxxx."

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