Cauchemar89's dedication hack

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Cauchemar89's dedication hack
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The Hack

After xxxzzz1 watched Cauchemar89's playlist of "Kameks revenge videos" it quickly became one of his favorite youtube LP'S and in honor of cauchemar89 xxxzzz1 decided to create a mini one level hack entirely dedicated to him! (Even including German text and some kamek's revenge references.

The hack was LP'ed by cauchemar89 the weekend it was completed (The version one)

xxxzzz1 is now in production of the version 2 of the hack which contains 3 brand new bonus rooms, stylistic updates in general, removed one of the sprite generators in one of the most difficult and infamous rooms along with more minor things and some bug fixes. (Including a famous bug were the spring ball didn't spawn.)

The Game

This hack is unique as it has a non-linear style meaning the player can go to any of the four doors first. The concept is collecting four keys in order to fight a boss at the end. each of the four keys are hidden in four doors which all have a different environmental theme, when you have collected all the four keys you can advance in a labyrinth like maze to find the boss door and beat the game.

The hack is very long and in the new version, the level may take 40 minutes if you are going for a 100% score. The hack is possibly one of the longest YI levels ever made.

The hack hasn't received an official release by xxxzzz1 yet although he is planning to release it if the SMWC summer hacking event contains a YI hacking section if not, then the hack will probably be released in the respected YI hacking forum.

The hack is currently being beta tested by SMWC user catobat.

Oh and "Mickey8715" is xxxzzz1's youtube account.

Release dates

xxxzzz1 is planning to release the hack sometime this week, although first he is thinking of releasing it on first then SMWC.

External links

Cauchemar89's youtube channel

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