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bsnes (SNES Emulator)
bsnes 060 on Linux

Use(s): Playing SNES games, testing/debugging ROM hacks
Developer(s): byuu
Platform(s): Win32, *nix, Mac[citation needed]
Latest Version: 0.85
License: GNU GPL
Home Page:
Download(s): Windows (32 bit), v0.85,

Windows (64 bit), v0.85, Source, v0.85

bsnes is a next generation SNES emulator written by byuu, licensed under the GNU GPL and still under constant development with new versions coming out all the time. bsnes strives for perfect emulation and features near-perfect accuracy, making it the closest thing to real hardware that most SNES homebrew developers will get to test their programs on. As a consequence of excellent accuracy, however, comes its high CPU usage. You will need a modern PC to get even half decent speed on bsnes.

bsnes also has some interesting features, such as an attempt at Super Gameboy support!

Some SMW hackers use v070, as it was the last version to support headered SMC ROMS. The newer versions support only unheadered SFC ROMs, but byuu ships a tool called snespurify to convert your collection to the newer format. However, most hacking tools do not support SFC ROMs without a header.

Note that Retroarch also supports bsnes and headered sfcs, but you must manually change the path every time you play a different rom (phoenix). Lunar Magic's way of passing in arguments does not work for Retroarch phoenix.


  • A fast processor. A 2.0GHz single core CPU is the recommended minimum. You will want a 3.0 GHz dual core CPU for best results.
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics are highly recommended.
  • A supported operating system
    • Windows XP/Vista/7 (binaries provided[citation needed])
    • Linux (source only, you must compile it yourself, similar OSes like the BSDs might work)
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