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Brutal Mario
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Latest version

Demo v1.7 (Unfinished)


86~90 (Relatively unknown)

Production status






Brutal Mario (also known as Super Kitiku World among other names like King Brute Mario, Devil King Mario etc.) is a Japanese Super Mario World hack under production by Carol. Although the game is unfinished, it quickly grew popular due to groundbreaking features such as a Samurai Kirby-type mini-game, all-new boss battles (mostly against cameo appearances from other video games), switches that dramatically change levels, and more, giving the game a fresh new experience.



The Mushroom Kingdom was in an age of peace and prosperity, thanks to Mario's heroics in thwarting Bowser's numerous plans. This came to an end when Mario was made king, as his tyrannical rule over the kingdom regressed it to a land of ruin and starvation. By the time Mario made plans to revive the Mushroom Kingdom by overthrowing Bowser's own kingdom, the ruined Mushroom Kingdom no longer trusts him, so Mario was forced to resign and leave the Mushroom Kingdom, never to return.

Old Story

Mario was hungry. Since there were a lot of dinosaurs in Dinosaur Land, he went out to eat some.


The overworld from Brutal Mario is nothing special as it contains no ExGFX or custom sprites and a few ASM. This overworld features 10 normal worlds: a grassland, a forest, a sea, a cave, a mountain, the sky, an icy world, and Bowser's world. There are also two secret worlds: one of them is similar to the Star World from Super Mario World as it can only be accesed with warp stars located on every world, in this world all levels have two exits, the normal exit will open a path to the next level and the secret exit will open the way back. The other secret world is a dark land with that uses Super Mario Bros. 3 overworld skulls as level tiles, only two levels from this world is accessible in the latest demo, so there's no much information about it, however, it looks like Luigi has a castle in this world for some reason.


Except from some levels at the beginning of the game, every level has it's own ASM, giving them unique characteristics like stopping time with a P-Switch or changing the time of day with an on/off switch. Many levels have boss fights at the end or in the middle, however, if a level has a boss, there will always be a door after the midway point that leads you to the boss room if you already visited it.


There are two versions that are available to find at the moment. Both versions are available on SMWCentral. These are the original Japanese version, and the unofficial English translation. This version has 98 exits accessible without editing (mods please check this, there might be more that I missed). There are older versions released, however, they are not available on SMWC because Carol (the author of this hack) does not want to redistribute them anymore.

Cheep Demo

Sometime in 2008, an ips file called "cheep demo" or "demo 7.5" was released on Carol's website. It consisted of what was to later become an extra world in Brutal Mario, although most people considered it a tech demo at the time. It included features like brand new highly advanced bosses,custom music, and obviously brand new levels. Although this version was ultimately removed by Carol some time ago.

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