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Blittle McNilsen

Also known as

that guy with the weird username that was made up on the spot when signing up for his very first account ever on the entire Internets, which was Blogspot



Knows of

average SMW hacking like custom music, xkas patches, etc.

Join date

2008-08-29 05:01:44 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada)


July 3rd

Known For


Blittle McNilsen is an SMWCentral user that joined in 2008, but has had long periods of inactivity due to losing interest in SMW hacking. After coming back to the Central from his most recent inactivity period, re-gaining interest in hacking SMW, and losing interest again, the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic thread in Media saved him from going on another hiatus.



Discovering the h4x

(My memory of this part is foggy, but I think this is essentially what happened.)

Some time in 2008, Blittle stumbled upon some SMW hack videos on YouTube. He thought it was ub3r l33t, and eventually wanted to make his own. He found out the program used to do it was called Lunar Magic, so he went and downloaded it, along with an SMW ROM, by searching YouTube tutorials. Because he was young and naive a complete n00b at life at the time, his older sister had to help him set it up and use it (thank you! :)). Once he got the hang of things, he made a bunch of horrible crap that doesn't deserve to be called a SMW hack. The whole thing looked like Cutoffness Man had vomited all over it. There were moons galore, glitched graphics, and the overworld was just the original overworld with random tiles splattered all over it. But can you really say that your first try was any better?

During this time period, Blittle made at least a few other "hacks" like this, but (thank God) none of them ever got released publicly and are probably sitting around on the old family computer to this day.


Blittle found SMWCentral, probably while looking for SMW hacking YouTube tutorials, and joined it.

The N00b Era

Come 2009, Blittle was getting more involved in the SMW hacking community. This also meant the SMW hacking community had to suffer his noobiness. The first victim of Blittle's Nooby Wrath was TheRealNinjaBoy on YouTube. He found LoyalSol's Let's Plays on SMW hacks and enjoyed them. Then he found similar Let's Plays by TheRealNinjaBoy, and then Ninja's SMW hacking tutorials. Blittle was infatuated with these tutorials and Let's Plays, and became that one annoying fanboy stalker that you just want to punch in the balls. He constantly nagged Ninja to make a tutorial he promised to make, was annoying in his chatroom (I can't remember where it was, but it might have been this), and was an all-around nuisance. He found this collab hack by TheRealNinjaBoy and, finding the idea of being a part of this to be neat, he made this crappy level for it. Ultimately, Ninja ended up blocking him from his YouTube channel, ensuing hot burning butthurt.

But Blittle moved on, and eventually went inactive in the SMW community.

In 2010, Blittle returned to the SMW community, along with his Nooby Wrath, but it was less intense than back in '09. His next victim was our beloved SMWCentral.

His avatar at the time was a Mario 64 Mario, recolored with a gameshark code, which is a SM64 machinima thing, but he was paranoid about being called a recolor due to having seen how recolors were hated, so in every thread he made, he added something like...

“Oh, and before you say "umg m4ri0 r3c0l0r 110l1ol101ol0l10o01l1o0", there's this thing known as "Mario 64 Machinima". You should check it out on YouTube sometime to get a better idea of why I have that as my icon. :P”
-Blittle in an old 2010 thread

He posted a thread in SMW Hack Discussion - Works in Progress asking if the name of his hack was taken or not, and everyone thought it was a thread about the hack itself rather than its name, so they complained about him not giving any screenshots. He got annoyed, not understanding why they got the impression it was an actual hack thread, and put up some screenshots, but:

  • did not take them properly (he used the Print Screen button and cropped out everything outside of the emulator using Paint)
  • uploaded them to deviantArt, which caused them to be shrunk down and look like JPGs

He also put a giant picture in his layout header.

He got very impatient about thread replies...

“EDIT: Over 33 people have seen this thread, and nobody out of those 33 have replied. Please, if you see this thread, reply to it. Please.”
-Blittle McN00bsen

He made horrid threads...

...and posted his pictures in some else's art thread (the post is restricted now). Which got him a ban and this PM from Kieran...

“Subject: Yes, I'm serious.


He tried making a layout, but ended up killing the screen.

He eventually lost interest in SMW hacking again and disappeared from the SMW community once more.

The End of the N00b Era

When Blittle came back from his hiatus, it was as a better, more mature user than before, with no Nooby Wrath like before. He has never looked back at these dark times, until he had to in order to write this article.

~End of History~


Blittle has just recently regained interest in SMW hacking after a long hiatus. He helps out at the SMWiki from time to time, porting over archived pages from the old SMWiki and so forth. Although most of his Nooby Wrath has withered away, on the rare occasions he goes on the IRC it tends to crop up again. At one point, it once more reared its ugly head on the forums. Tsk tsk, Blittle. Always making a fool of himself. Someday you're gonna wind up b& from SMWC. His main hacking project at the moment is Super Mario Bros: Quest for the Moon Herbs.

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