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Berries are small colored fruits found throughout different levels of Super Mario World. Yoshi will automatically eat a berry if he walks by it.

Types of Berries

There are three kinds of berries, Red, Pink and Green.

  • ObjectBerryRed.png: Eating 10 of these causes Yoshi to lay an egg containing a Red Mushroom.
  • ObjectBerryPink.png: Eating 2 of these causes a cloud to spawn which will drop coins on Mario. If he collects all these coins, the cloud will drop a 1-UP Mushroom.
  • ObjectBerryGreen.png: Eating 1 adds 20 seconds to your time. They are used only in the level Funky.

Hacking Info

  • The berries are unusual in that they use colors B-F of Palettes 2, 3, 4, 9, A, and B. They are both objects and sprites. The green square surrounding the berries is color 27, and the object left behind when a berry is eaten is color 56.
  • The red berry is extended object 1D. The pink berry is 1E, and the green berry is 1F. They're also Map16 tiles 45, 46, and 47.
  • The object berry is an animated object pasted over tiles 0, 1, 10, and 11 of FG2, which is a static "placeholder" berry in GFX17. The animation frames are in GFX32. If you attempt to edit the colors in YY-CHR so that they use colors 1-7 of a palette, they'll snap back.
  • The sprite berry is found in GFX01 and expects SP2 to be set to that file. It gets overwritten with GFX31 when Mario beats the Special Zone (level 125), but that file contains the exact same graphics for the berry. When Yoshi eats a berry, the berry uses this graphic.


  • When there's less than 100 seconds left in a level, the music will speed up. If a green berry is eaten to bring the time back up above 100 seconds, the music will speed up even more after it passes below again. This can be repeated, resulting in incredibly fast music.
  • Occasionally, if Yoshi sticks a berry to both his tongue and his mouth, the game will count it as eating two berries.
  • If a berry is used in a vertical level, it will sometimes spawn square green blocks elsewhere in the level after being eaten by Yoshi.
  • When tries eating a berry, he can "drop" the berry through various ways, resulting in a floating, sprite berry. A few of the ways include:
  • Turning around while the berry is stuck to Yoshi's tongue/mouth.
  • Picking up another sprite with Yoshi's tongue while the berry is stuck to his mouth.
  • Getting knocked off of Yoshi while the berry is stuck to his tongue (this method also works with any other eatable sprite).
  • In addition to the above, eating a berry will change all "dropped" berries to the same color as that berry. Unfortunately, though, they don't change effects as well.
  • Collecting a powerup on the same frame that Yoshi swallows a powerup that causes Mario to go through an animation will cause the berry collection to be stuck in a loop (which does give you an infinite supply of coins). The only way to get out of the loop is through a start+select exit or reset.
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