Arch Ledges

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An Arch Ledge.

Arch Ledges are platforms on which Mario can stand. They act just like ground ledges, in that Mario can go through their sides, or up from underneath them. They only appear in one level in the original Super Mario World - Awesome.

Hacking Information

  • The Arch Ledge uses colors 1 to 7 from palette row 0x3.
  • The ledge is Tileset Specific object number 3C. It uses Map16 tiles 81, 82, 83, 107, 108, 109 and 10A.
  • The graphics of the Arch Ledge are only found in GFX15, 8x8 tiles 58-5F and 60-66. It has to be put in FG3 in order to look correctly.

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